Dr. Gabrielli: The Youth Risk & Resilience Lab

The Youth Risk and Resilience Lab is directed by Joy Gabrielli, Ph.D. It is housed in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida. Graduate students in the lab work toward doctorate degrees that lead to careers as clinical child psychologists and researchers.

Mission Statement

We seek to improve understanding of factors (both environmental and individual) that contribute to youth trajectories of risk and resilience as they progress in development towards adulthood. Within this aim, we look to employ novel technologies and methodologies to promote research engagement and data capture, and improve strategies for prevention and intervention efforts. Further, we actively seek to conduct research that benefits underserved and underrepresented youth populations.

Vision Statement

Our aim is to produce knowledge through research that:

  1. Elucidates explanatory factors relevant for trajectories of health risk behaviors in youth.
  2. Results in novel approaches to promote resilience and reduce youth risk for initiation and progression of health risk behaviors.
  3. Has the potential to directly impact clinical practice.

Active Grant Funding




MobileCoach: A Novel Digital Intervention for Adolescent Substance Use

Role:     Principal Investigator
Source:     National Institute on Drug Abuse (P30) Pilot Core Grant
Costs:     $19,820
Description:     This pilot grant established a collaboration between MobileCoach researchers and the research teams at the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health at Dartmouth and University of Florida to adapt an existing Swiss smartphone app for use with US high school youth to reduce risk for adolescent alcohol use.

Completed Grant Funding




Integrating Coaches to Promote Engagement with an mHealth Collaborative Care App

Role:     Co-Investigator
Source:     New Hampshire Innovation Research Center
Costs:      $139,812
Description:     The overarching objectives of this proposal was to form a collaborative relationship between a company that designed a collaborative care app and a research team at Dartmouth College to assess feasibility of employment of the app within a high risk sample of young adults aging out of foster care.




Substance Use in Foster Care Youth: Relations Among Maltreatment, Use, and Coping

Role:     Principal Investigator
Source:     National Institute on Drug Abuse
Costs:      $71,992
Description:     This predoctoral fellowship funded a research project examining longitudinal associations between maltreatment, coping approach, and substance use in youth placed in foster care.